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Awerial County - 18 Mar 2023

SSPDF medics launch circumcision exercise in Awerial County

The Medical Corps of the South Sudan people’s Defense forces (SSPDF), with support from the American research firm RTI International, on Friday, started conducting a voluntary circumcision exercise targeting 500 men aged 18-49 in Lakes State’s Awerial County.

The medical director at Awerial County Hospital, James Manyiel Agup, told Radio Tamazuj on Friday that 30 people had already been circumcised and the free circumcision will continue. He said the main purpose of the circumcision drive was to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

“30 people have already been circumcised since the voluntary circumcision exercise started in the morning (Friday) and the process is ongoing and will last 10 days,” he said. “Those who have been circumcised are advised not to shower or have sex. This is to prevent the wound from getting infected.”

He urged the youth to turn out and get circumcised, saying it is healthy and free of charge.

“The beneficiaries of this free-of-charge circumcision exercise will remain highly protected from sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS, and syphilis, among others,” Manyiel said.

He said those who get circumcised are given amoxicillin antibiotics and painkillers and are also given special clothes by the SSPDF.