Heavy rains wreak havoc in Tonj North

More than nine villagers have been flooded following the heavy rains in Tonj North County of Warrap State over the weekend.

County commissioner Kur Kuch Angany said the rains had displaced thousands of residents, exposing particularly the children and the elderly.

Angany told Radio Tamazuj on Saturday that the displaced were in dire need of food, shelter and medicines as they were exposed to cold weather and mosquitoes.

“Over nine villages, including Alabek, Aliek, Kerik, Marial Lou, Apuk Madoch, Rual Malith, Awuul, Ajak Lor, Rualbet, Pagol and Manalor, are flooded and though the people are safe, farming has stopped because the whole area is covered by water,” he said.

The commissioner said his government had alerted the people to evacuate to the higher and dry grounds, adding that there was no humanitarian intervention yet because the heavy rains were continuing.

He said the people were scattered, with some families sleeping on the roadsides, while others had moved to the Warrap County headquarters. He added that the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) was still collecting data on the people and their needs.

The Paramount Chief of Awuul Payam, Ayii Agiu, said that the floods had destroyed the farms and halted all the farming activities.

Some of the victims of the floods expressed their agony over the destroyed homes and farms.

Deng Ayuel said hunger was imminent, as the farms had been destroyed by the heavy rains.

“The rains have been too heavy and we now have nowhere to cultivate. We now have no food except wild fruits and leaves,” he said.

He added that 150 displaced individuals came from Atok and Noi and that one child by the name Aleet Majook Chok, drowned two days ago.

Nyibol Madut confirmed the death of the child, and appealed to the government to intervene as the people were wondering where to get food from.