Khartoum: Soba East women create safe space for children

The first safe space for children has been established in Soba East suburb of the Sudanese capital Khartoum.

The ground catering for numerous educational and recreational activities for children aged 4 to 6 years, was launched at a three-day ceremony organized by the regional women’s office.

The ground also offers psychological, social and health support, while imparting new skills and experiences.

In a statement obtained by Radio Tamazuj, the East Nile Emergency Response Room said: “Safe spaces for children, amid the ongoing conflict in the country for more than a year, are vital havens that protect them from the dangers of war and violence. These spaces can significantly improve their daily lives and provide support by offering a safe and stable environment.”

One of the space supervisors, El-ham Mustafa (not her real name), told Radio Tamazuj that the initiative had greatly changed the children’s psychological and social welfare. They have developed a spirit of participation and made new friends.

She pointed out some challenges, including the large number of children compared to the toys available, whose supply could not be replenished because of the closure of the stores because of the war. Additionally, the limited budget prevented the enrollment of some children.

A member of the Soba East Emergency Room women’s office, Imama Mustafa (not her real name), said: “The program received a positive response from families and children, with noticeable positive results and changes in the children’s behaviour.”

She noted that many parents said their children returned home in good spirits, singing and reciting religious teachings.

She highlighted some difficulties, including the four-year-olds crying for being separated from their mothers.