Chief Administrator of Greater Pibor Area Gola Boyoi (Courtesy photo)

Greater Pibor adopts new heritage-conscious logo and emblem

The Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) has officially updated its logo and emblem. Gola Boyoi Gola, the Chief Administrator of GPAA, announced this change in a letter addressed to government officials in Pibor and the general public.

“All government offices, institutions, and agencies are hereby instructed to use the newly recognized official emblem and logo,” Gola wrote. “This change aims to reinforce our connection to our roots and foster a sense of unity and pride among our people.”

The previous emblem, which featured an antelope standing against a green grass background with seven stars representing the seven counties, has been replaced. The new emblem depicts an antelope against a yellow background, symbolizing the area’s rich natural resources, including wildlife and gold found in the Jebel Boma region.

Oleyo Akuer Nyaluth, the GPAA Information Minister, emphasized that the updated logo and emblem reflect the region’s heritage and origins.

 Speaking to Radio Tamazuj, Nyaluth explained that the decision honours the historical significance of the original emblem while acknowledging the area’s valuable resources.

“The green background has been replaced with a gold color,” Nyaluth stated. “We wanted to incorporate Jebel Boma Mountain, which contains gold, into our logo as it represents a valuable resource for Greater Pibor.”

Local residents have expressed mixed reactions to the change. Some welcome it as a return to tradition, while others question the need for alteration. Regardless, the GPAA hopes that the updated logo and emblem will serve as a unifying symbol for the diverse communities within the administrative area.