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ZALINGEI - 11 Feb 2024

Central Darfur: Sabotage attacks in Zalingei target power and water lines

Sabotage operations aimed at the power lines in Zalingei have caused significant damage. Multiple attacks have occurred where transformers along the city’s power lines were deliberately targeted. These transformers were removed and dismantled to extract valuable spare parts, particularly copper, which is abundant within them.

The Zalingei power station has been non-operational since the onset of the conflict between the Sudanese army (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). During the height of armed confrontations last year, the station suffered extensive looting and damage.

Engineer Mahmoud Mohammed told Radio Tamazuj on Saturday that the perpetrators are removing the transformers from the poles and extracting valuable materials, such as copper wires, in a systematic manner. This deliberate sabotage is intended to disrupt the functioning of the city’s power station.

“The complexity of the transformer installation makes maintenance challenging and costly,” Mahmoud explained. “Furthermore, these transformers are currently scarce, exacerbating the challenges in restoring the station to full operation.”

He emphasized that this approach undermines all insurance plans, revealing a program aimed at gathering all electricity transformers and securing them in a specific location until decisions regarding the future of electricity are made.

“Sabotage extends beyond electricity; there have also been attacks on water lines. However, we are committed to securing the water lines, considering it a top priority at the moment,” stated Amin.

Omar Abdullah, a member of the Civil Support Committee of the Rapid Support Forces, highlighted that the sabotage of electricity serves motives of theft, with attempts to disrupt service programs in the state.

Omar disclosed that their forces have identified instances of smuggling spare parts related to the power station to neighbouring countries. He urged citizens to collaborate with RSF authorities to address this issue promptly by reporting any suspicions of looting or escape intending to harm state property.