Warrap Governor addresses security concerns at peace rally

Warrap State Governor, Kuol Muor Muor, took the helm in a public rally centered on peace and security in Tonj town, the administrative hub of Tonj South county, on Friday.

Warrap State Governor, Kuol Muor Muor, took the helm in a public rally centered on peace and security in Tonj town, the administrative hub of Tonj South county, on Friday. Officials stated the visit aimed to acquaint the governor with the security landscape, disseminate the green book—a legislative tool to tackle communal conflicts—and deliberate on fostering tranquil borders between Warrap State and its neighboring counterparts.

William Wol Mayom, the Minister of Information for Warrap State, told Radio Tamazuj on Saturday that the governor’s visit aimed to understand the security dynamics within the Tonj South community and improve relations along the borders with Lakes and Western Bahr El Ghazal states.

“The governor is here in Tonj South county to assess the security situation and encourage the community to focus on agriculture to enhance food production. Governor Muor will also engage with his counterparts Rin Tueny, the Governor of Lakes State, and Sarah Cleto, the Governor of Western Bahr El Ghazal State, to ensure peace along the borders,” he elaborated.

Meanwhile, Tobbi Mawien, the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Tonj South area, confirmed reports of challenges facing the communities, highlighting insufficient communication networks and a shortage of food commodities in local markets.

“We arrived in Tonj South County on Thursday evening and were warmly received by the population. They welcomed us, and on Friday, the governor conducted a public rally on peace and security in Tonj town. This meeting focused on peace and reconciliation, providing us as MPs and the governor with a valuable opportunity to disseminate the recently passed green book by the state assembly in 2024,” he stated.

The green book, adopted as a by-law in Warrap state in 2024, addresses communal violence, imposing penalties on perpetrators who deliberately murder or steal cattle through the firing of scouts.

Mawien further noted that the community is demanding better social services, particularly citing the insufficient availability of agricultural products in local markets. In response, the governor has pledged to bring in subsidized food items from Juba.

“Since 2021, we are grateful that the communities of Tonj South have embraced peace amongst themselves. Despite occasional insecurity along the borders with neighboring states like Cueibet County in Lakes State, the Tonj communities remain committed to peace. However, they are calling on the state government to protect them and provide security forces against armed elements from Cueibet County, Lakes state,” he explained.

MP Mawien highlighted the plight of his constituents, including returnees who fled war in Sudan, stating that they lack food due to poor harvest last agriculture year. In response, the governor assured that government-supplied food would be brought from Juba to stabilize prices of food items in Tonj South County and the state as a whole.

Mawien also mentioned that communities in the Mabior Yar and Jak areas are demanding improved community networks. He noted that the governor will proceed today, Saturday, to Agogo, one of the Payams of the Bongo tribe in Tonj South County, to conduct a similar peace and security rally there.