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Wau - 12 Aug 2022

Residents of Hai Fahal in Wau receive rehabilitated primary school

IOM team briefs the community about rehabilitation works on the school. [Photo: IOM)
IOM team briefs the community about rehabilitation works on the school. [Photo: IOM)

The residents of Hai Fahal in Wau Town of Western Bahr el Ghazal State received a rehabilitated primary school from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) on Monday.

In a statement, IOM said Janain Primary School was rehabilitated under the Enhancing Community Resilience and Local Governance Project (ECRP).

"Rehabilitation works on the school started early this year after the Wau North Payam Development Committee (PDC), comprised of representatives from each Boma Development Committee (BDC) in the payam, identified the rehabilitation of Janain Primary School as one of the community’s priority development objectives," the statement said. "Janain Primary School is located in Hai Fahal, a highly multicultural community which is home to persons from different social, cultural, and ethnic groups, many of whom fled their former communities during the civil conflict."

IOM constructed a wall around the school, one block of two classrooms, and a gender-segregated latrine that also accommodates the needs of people with disabilities.

According to IOM, more than 350 students, including host community members, returnees, and IDPs will benefit from the newly rehabilitated infrastructure.

Esterina John, the headmistress at the school, speaking during the handover said: "I am excited that my school has seen this rehabilitation. The classes are looking beautiful. My pupils will be protected inside this wall from anything bad that could harm them while at school and their concentration in class will be focused.”

Magdelina, a pupil of Janain Primary school said, “We used to study under a tree, because the classrooms were not enough to accommodate all of us but, looking at this new building, I am happy that I will not miss my classes again when it rains because there is now enough space to accommodate us all."

ECRP has handed over nine infrastructure subprojects in Wau and Raja Counties, including health facilities, schools, and water yards. In the coming weeks, IOM will be handing over more infrastructure subprojects in Wau and other parts of the country where the project is operating.