Parliament ratifies trade deal with China

The Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) has unanimously adopted the trade and technical cooperation deal between South Sudan and China. 

The cooperation agreement was tabled in the TNLA earlier this month by the Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister, Ruben Madol. 

It came as a result of the visit by President Salva Kiir to Beijing in 2011 for the China-Africa cooperation summit that focused on boosting trade between the African countries. 

“Ratifying this agreement will enable the Republic of South Sudan and the People’s Republic of China to open up a number of bilateral projects,” Mayen Deng Alier, the chairperson of the committee on Trade and Industry, told parliament in Juba on Monday. 

Alier disclosed that after thorough deliberations, the committee decided to invite the ministers for Justice, Trade and Industry and Foreign Affairs to seek more advice on the agreement, which later established that it was legal and binding, and does affect South Sudan’s normal development.

The lawmaker said the agreement would widen the cooperation between Juba and Beijing, adding that it is safe and does not contradict the overall development plan of South Sudan.

“It is the constitutional mandate of parliament and the Executive to pass the document that safeguards the interest of the people of the Republic of South Sudan,” he said.  

The agreement provides for the cooperation of both parties to encourage and promote projects in trade, engineering, industry, agriculture, animal husbandry and technology. The contracting parties shall endeavor to expand the bilateral trade, and encourage the training and exchange of experts.