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JUBA CITY - 20 Nov 2023

New political party to participate in upcoming elections

A former senior SPLM party member, Dr. Jong Anthony, last week formed a new political party which he said will contest in the general elections slated for December 2023.

The party, Action for Democratic Change (ADC), according to its founder, will improve the living standards of the people of South Sudan and restore respect for the country on the global stage.

“We observed that South Sudan is ranked the poorest and most corrupt state and we came up with the idea of forming Action for Democratic Change,” he said. “I, Jong Anthony, are the interim chairperson until we hold a national convention to where party members will determine their leader.”

“Our party has so many (planned) projects which are enshrined in our manifesto including peace and reconciliation, transparency, accountability and good governance as well as unity and development," Dr. Jong added.

The ADC chairman said his party is the solution to the bad governance in the country and that it will take part in the elections which people believe will bring in new leadership.

“You can see now how things are moving in my country. We hope that in the coming elections, we will enter coalitions with other parties as s approach so that every citizen participates in the elections. We urge the National Electoral Commission (NEC) to speed up the processes for elections. We also want a constitution because it will give political parties the right to exercise their activities without interference.”

Dr. Jong said his party will convene its first convention in March next year and elect members to fill party positions at all levels and that gender proportionality will be 50 percent for women.

Meanwhile, Ayuel Mangok, the ADC’s youth chairperson, confirmed the formation of the party which he said will take part in the elections.

“I am the youth chairperson of ADC, a new political party formed in November in Juba, and chaired by the provisional political leader Dr. Jong Anthony until the general assembly next year,” he stated.

According to Mangok, the vision of their party is to bring peace, unity, and reconciliation among the people of South Sudan.

"Our vision is that South Sudan should have a Just, Inclusive, and prosperous society that nurtures the well-being and aspirations of its children,” he articulated. “ADC’s mission is committed to promoting and strengthening the values of democracy in South Sudan, fostering the culture of democracy and good governance and respect for human rights.”