Lakes State police warn Yirol communities of border insecurity

The police in Lakes State have cautioned the communities in Yirol East and West to remain vigilant due to increasing border insecurity with Unity State. The Lakes State police spokesperson urged the residents near Panyijiar County to be alert as tensions escalate at the borders of Unity and Lakes State.

This warning follows recent attacks that resulted in the deaths of three civilians and three soldiers from the organized forces, along with two civilians injured and several goats and cattle stolen in Yinhkar village of Biling Boma, Adior Payam, Yirol East County.

Maj. Elijah Mabor, the Lakes State police spokesperson, informed Radio Tamazuj on Tuesday that suspected armed criminals from Panyijiar attacked Pakem-deer cattle camp in Yirol West on Sunday afternoon, raiding an unknown number of cattle and abducting five young girls.

The cattle camp youths pursued the attackers, engaged in a fight, and successfully recovered all the cattle and the girls by the evening.

According to the police, criminals are suspected to be hiding around the villages at the border areas, causing panic among residents. Security personnel have been deployed to these areas to manage the situation, and residents are advised not to panic.

“I urge the community around the border areas to be very careful with their safety, as the bushy areas provide cover for criminals who might launch attacks on roads or villages. The governments of both states will work together to ensure border security,” the spokesperson said.

For his part, Panyijiar County Commissioner Majok Bol acknowledged the presence of armed criminals hiding in the border area bushes, posing a threat to both residents and his government. He urged residents to protect themselves while the Unity State government works to apprehend these criminals.

“I am not currently at my duty station in Panyijiar County to oversee hunting down and capturing these criminals. However, I advise residents to be vigilant, as these criminals are hiding in the bushes, planning attacks on nearby communities to obtain food. They even confront us when we search for them. To protect yourselves, remain alert to any security threats and report them immediately to the authorities,” Bol said.