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PORT SUDAN - 4 Mar 2024

Zain Sudan announces gradual resumptions of services starting 3 March

The Sudanese Mobile Phone Company, Zain, announced on its official social media handles that network services will gradually return to all cities in Sudan starting on 3 March.

Zain's network was cut off in several Sudanese cities for various reasons, including the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) recent control of the main exchange in the Jabra area, according to the company's managing director, Al-Fateh Urwa. As a result, the services of all telecommunications networks ceased working.

A large section of the population was affected by the cessation of internet services which resulted in the stoppage of banking services through which transfers are made to organizations that set up collective IDP centers and kitchens for people affected by the war. The disruption also exacerbated the humanitarian situation in many locations with many failing to access money to buy food.

Zain said it is working in extremely complex circumstances and making every effort to restore and stabilize the network so that subscribers can enjoy the in-network and Internet call services.

The company announced the availability of free calling and internet services for a limited time and committed to recovering Zain subscribers’ dues before the network outage.

Telephone networks were completely out of service after the Rapid Support Forces took control of large swathes of the Darfur Region.

In this context, Sudani Telephone Company announced over the weekend that its network will gradually return to Darfur, starting in the cities of El Fasher and Umm Kadada, and it also committed to reinstating services in all towns in Sudan.