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RSF accused of major violations in Al-Jazeera Villages

The Resistance Committees in the Al-Hassahisa area of Sudan’s Al-Jazeera State over the weekend said villages in the Halaween area have been subjected to major violations by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) resulting in casualties, injuries, and new waves of displacement.

The statement on Saturday indicated that villages such as Manaqiza, Apsir, Al Takla Jubara, Kuzo Kabro, Istarhna, and Hababna were subjected to violent and organized attacks resulting in casualties and the displacement of some residents. The statement also mentioned that the Halaween area was subjected to artillery shelling from the east side of the village.

Omar Sadiq, known as Al Jinaid, a resident of Manaqiza Al Halaween village, confirmed that the village was attacked by elements of the RSF.

“Our village was attacked by the RSF at around at night but the bravery of the villagers prevented their entry,” he recounted. “However, this resulted in some casualties, including three deaths and some injuries ranging from serious to minor."

Another resident of the same village, Fatima Jamal, said that the armed men continued to attack the village continuously and threatened the residents. She confirmed that the locals repulsed the militia and prevented them from entering the village after an attempt by a car carrying 8 people affiliated with the RSF to invade the village.

“They (RSF) demand money and cars from the residents and subsequently opened fire on the residents,” Fatima narrated.

For his part, Ibrahim Al Khair from Wad Al Noura village in the Al Azazi area of Managil locality reported that his car was taken by the RSF who also looted the local market.

“The RSF continued to attack us continuously and looted the only market operating in western Managil,” he said. “They seized our car and money, leaving us with nothing, even the crops of wheat and corn were looted by force of arms.”

Al Khair further said that last week, the RSF gunmen shot and killed one of the citizens and injured others.

“The RSF have committed all violations in our villages, including beating men with whips in the markets and the area has become a free zone for them,” he added.

Several Sudanese political forces condemned the violations committed by the RSF in Al-Jazeera state. A statement issued by the Coordination of Democratic Civil Forces said that the crimes committed against civilians in Al-Jazeera are unacceptable and a violation of the Addis Ababa Agreement signed between them and the RSF in January which relates to the necessity of protecting civilians.

Reacting to the allegations, RSF’s Major Abdulrahman Al Beishi, confirmed that he toured and inspected the Halaween village areas and that his forces managed to arrest some fleeing gunmen.

“Our forces burned several motorcycles belonging to the gunmen and security will be restored in those areas,” he reassured.

Al Beishi urged citizens to report to the RSF when any fleeing gunmen enter their villages and not to pay attention to rumors spread on social media.