Over 100 residents receive USAID-funded solar-powered radios in Leer

In Leer County of Unity State, at least 130 individuals, including 20 listening groups, received USAID-funded solar-powered radios on Monday.

In Leer County of Unity State, at least 130 individuals, including 20 listening groups, received USAID-funded solar-powered radios on Monday.

Nyajime Machar, a resident of Leer town who received a solar-powered radio, confirmed the distribution.  Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Monday, Nyajime explained that 130 solar-powered radios were distributed to individuals, with 20 additional radios allocated to listening groups. These beneficiaries were identified through Hope Restoration South Sudan in partnership with USAID.

“We, as beneficiaries of the solar radios, are 130 individuals, including 20 listening groups. Each of us received one solar radio, and each listening group, totaling 20 groups, received one solar radio for accessing programs and news regularly on the radio. The distribution of these radios aims to provide timely information, as facilitated by Hope Restoration South Sudan,” Nyajime elaborated.

“I am so happy to have received the new solar radio. It’s the first time I’ve had such a radio since they started distributing them last year,” she said. “These radios will allow beneficiaries to access information such as food distribution, peace programs, and other broadcasts through Leer 88.0 FM.”

Another beneficiary, Jal Mattiek, expressed gratitude for receiving the solar radio from Hope Restoration South Sudan.

“Hope Restoration South Sudan is doing a great service for us, the community of Leer County, by distributing solar radios. Buying a solar radio would have been expensive for us, but thanks to the organization, we now have access to them,” Jal said.

“Now, we will have access to world news on a daily basis. In the past, we had to rely on others to know what was happening nationwide, but now I can simply turn on my radio anytime I want without having to ask anyone,” Jal added.

“Now, we will have access to world news on a daily basis because in the past, we had to ask people about what was happening nationwide. But now, anytime I feel like it, I can just turn on my radio without having to ask anybody,” Jal added.

Meanwhile, Kuany Riak Kuich, the Communication Officer at Hope Restoration organization, confirmed that 130 individuals, including 20 group listeners, are among the beneficiaries.

“The project we are running is a USAID project. We are implementing it in the community, and USAID  is our partner,” Kuany stated. “We distributed 130 solar radios to 130 individuals, including 20 listening groups. When you add them up, they will bring the total to 150 individuals who are beneficiaries of the distribution by Hope Restoration South Sudan organization.”

“We started the distribution of solar radios today, Monday, and it will continue until Friday of this week. After that, we will move to other areas like Mayendit and Koch, which are also part of this distribution,” he said.

Kuany explained that the reason for distributing solar-powered radios is to “inform our community about what is happening in South Sudan and the world.”

 “Out of the 150 beneficiaries, there are women, youth, local chiefs, and those who listen to radios from Leer 88.0 FM, Radio Tamazuj, BBC and Miraya FM. They should get information from these radios I mentioned,” Kuany emphasized.

The distribution is not only for Leer; Mayendit and Koch will have the same number of beneficiaries next week.

“Last year, Hope Restoration distributed solar-powered radios to residents of Leer county and Mayendit. Koch was not included since we had already distributed solar radios there last year. However, this year, Koch has been added to the distribution,” Kuany concluded.