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Opinion | Breakdown of the current alarming killings across the country

When South Sudanese tested their democracy in 2010, to elect their leaders for the first time since the Egyptian-Turkish condominium and the subsequent alteration which let them (country) to independence, it was a bliss to the people.  The election resulted in ethnic and tribal war across the country causing much abhorrence between the political elites and chieftains. Most of the painful atrocities had been committed during this period.  South Sudan has been on protracted war with herself since her independence and that has depicted the failure of president Salva and his government to the world.

In 2013, the democratic rights and freedom of expression were cartels by radical anti-democratic agents and that lengthened the war for seven years.  2018 peace agreement that was signed in Khartoum by warring parties is almost ending in vain without proper implementation of its core values.  No chapter has been implemented to boost hope for citizens.  The conflict is used by a group of comprador bourgeoisie planning to loot the country through war and violations of the Peace Agreement.  

In recent days.  We are alarmed by the mass killings of innocents people across the country without any condemnation from the parties to the agreement. Abuse of human rights has been witnessed in five states where atrocities occurred: 1- In Upper Nile state, innocent people were killed by those people who were influenced by politicians in Juba, in the name of Malakal is ours and the government has failed to issue warning against spoilers who carried out the macabre act.  2- In Warrap and Unity States, we have seen horrible killings which are perceived to be planned by a few elites relating to the presidency that has been beneficiaries of wars all these years.  3- In Northern Bahr el ghazal, SPLM-IO members were abused by the official's ally to the president faction in the R-TGONU who are running the state government. President Salva is condoning this provocative move which will cause more escalation in the agreement. 4- In Eastern Equatoria state, governor Louis Lobong's 17 bodyguards were killed and narrowly escape death with only two bodyguards while he was disseminating Peace agreements across the state. 5- In Central Equatoria, it is unbelievable to see people being killed through revenge mob justice. Women and children were killed on what I/we called ' Tit for Tat' between Toposa and Buya communities in the state, cars that deliver fuel for the country were burned to fragments. The international community organizations which supply the country with the most essential commodities are being humiliated, and the worse part of this is the presidency letdown not to condemned or warned belligerent spoilers.  6- In Cueibet county, the commissioner was almost killed because he is from an opposition party that is not popular in the area. 7- In Juba city, innocents people were killed in a road carnage proliferated by the government agencies which disseminate impunity with vehicular operators through unregularized traffic laws, but when concerned civil society activists expressed solidarity to the families of the bereaved, police arrested them. 8- last but not least, the bodyguard of vice President Dr. James Wani has beaten up one of the innocent citizens who is now struggling with his life in hospital. 

The killings of Ugandan and Kenyan citizens along major highways in the country can lead to the breakdown of economic, political, and diplomatic relations in the region and it is upon the government in Juba to act with speed before the geopolitical breakdown take a turn on the country. South Sudan is a member of the East African Community trading federation and it must abide by the union laws.

Mr. President your administration is treating citizens with impunity and like slaves of the 19th century.  Dear President Salva: when your comrades, Kuoldit and Awetdit spoke out about the failure of your administration, you came out to cover up the failure by visiting Bor town of Jonglei State. You want to tell us there is no conflict between you and your liberation comrades at the same time, you want to brainwash and suppress the obvious failures which you have contributed heavily through your presidency.  Therefore, Citizens are aware of what you can do and what you cannot.  You have encouraged the economic and political praxis of the ruling elites to destabilize the country for your gains. Surround yourself with cronies and sycophants who have wounded the country in the eyes of the citizens and the international community at the same time, I fear it will lead to an inevitable military and civil uprising in the future as a consequence of fading to restructure things.  

We call upon your leadership to investigate all these crimes committed against innocent people and let the actions speak to citizens and the international community through fairness. Arming the militias of ethnic groups against other communities must stop without delay if you want to be honor by the victims of your administration. Mr. President, it is your responsibility to protect the underprivileged groups that have been set against one another by the middle-class elites in Juba.  Our people that were United by war and marginalization during the liberation are now set against each other to further genocide in your watch.

The author Daniel Dengdit is civil society activist and a commentator on topical social issues. He can be contacted via   

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