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Greater Pibor authorities probe attack on Pochalla village

Officials in the Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) said an investigation is underway to probe the motive of the recent deadly attack on Ajwara village in Pochalla County and to arrest the perpetrators.

Last Sunday, 12 people were killed and 10 others injured, while several homes were torched during the attack on the village of Ajwara. Some people faulted Murle youth for the attack.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Tuesday evening, GPAA Information Minister Abraham Kelang condemned the attack, said the incident was being investigated, and dismissed the claim by Pochalla County that the GPAA government orchestrated the attack.

“We formed a committee to find out the youth behind the attack on Ajwara. We want to know whether they came from Jebel Boma, Pibor, Muruou, or Likuangole because those are the counties bordering the Anyuak,” he said. “The attack on Ajwra was unfortunate and it left 12 dead including 4 women and 2 children. The humanitarian situation is dire and we urged for aid intervention.”

“As a government, we are not happy about this attack and politicians should not take advantage of it by linking the GPAA government to the attack because no one encouraged those youth to attack and they will be held accountable when found,” Minister Kelang added.

For his part, Owety Olang, the acting Pochalla County commissioner, dismissed the talk of an investigation by GPAA authorities as a coverup.

“What GPAA is saying that they are investigating the incident is a mere media campaign to cover up their involvement. Those who attacked Ajwara were mobilized and armed in Pibor. They were pursued by our youth until they crossed to the Labrab area,” he charged. “As we speak, SSPDF soldiers, formerly from the Cobra Faction, and Murle youth were mobilized and armed to attack Okadi, the palace of King Akway Nyigwo. They are just two hours from Okadi and our youth who were pursuing those who attacked Ajwara had to withdraw to come to the defense of Okadi.”

Olang added: “So, it is not making sense that they would arrest those they had sent to fight us,”