Five arrested for motorcyclist’s murder in Leer

At least five people suspected of involvement in the killing of a motorcycle rider were arrested this week in Leer County, Unity State, according to the police director.

In the past year, Leer County has not recorded any incidents of robbery in or around Leer town since January 2023. This case marks the first robbery-related attack on a motorcycle rider between Leer town and the Pulguori area.

Leer County Police Director General, Kuony Chan, confirmed the arrest of the five suspects to Radio Tamazuj on Friday. He stated, “The investigation is ongoing for the five individuals suspected of committing the crime against the motorcycle rider who was killed two weeks ago in the Pulguori area. The deceased has been identified as 36-year-old Gatluak Chok Mathiang.”

“The deceased motorcycle rider was traveling from Gandor to Leer town, carrying a passenger and a 50 kg sack of sorghum. The robbers were waiting for him at Pulguori. When they saw the motorcycle’s light, they shot the rider to death on the spot,” said Kuony Chan.

“We are not going to release the five suspects anytime soon. The investigation team, known as the Crime Investigation Department (CID), will continue investigating until they uncover the full details,” Police Director General Kuony explained.