Some of the police recruits in Torit. (Photo: Radio Tamazuj)

E. Equatoria govt starts training 323 police volunteers in Torit

The Eastern Equatoria State Government on Wednesday launched the training of 323 police volunteers in Torit town.

The Eastern Equatoria State Government on Wednesday launched the training of 323 police volunteers in Torit town.

According to authorities, the recruits who are drawn from all over Eastern Equatoria State will undergo basic orientation, training on the penal code, code of criminal procedures, Police Act 2009, and police regulations and operations.

The training will also cover the areas of evidence law, the Constitution of South Sudan, the law of passport and immigration, human rights, sexual and gender-based violence, community policing, and techniques of arms and ammunition management among others.

The short training will only run for 8 weeks and is expected to end in late January 2024.

Major General James Monday Enoka, the Commissioner of Police in Eastern Equatoria State, said the training aims at providing basic policing skills because most police personnel in the state lack basic training and that it hinders service delivery. 

“Our objective is to conduct basic training for these 323 police volunteers which is starting now and they will be taught all forms of police pieces of training,” he explained. “Those who will be deployed for criminal investigation, traffic, and immigration among other units, will advance to higher courses because people always complain that the police are not working, especially when following cases.”

“When policemen are trained, they will deliver quality services when deployed across the state,” Gen. Enoka added.

For his part, Peter Lokeng Lotone, the Eastern Equatoria State Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement Agencies, called on the recruits to commit themselves and respect their instructors during training.

“This is the eighth batch being trained. Previously, there was no police training but we have now started under the revitalized peace agreement. We decided that the police be trained in Eastern Equatoria and you should commit yourselves to this training,” he advised. “If you are educated, first prioritize the practical aspects and the pen will follow later when you are equipped with marching. Secondly, respect your instructors.”

Minister Lokeng added: “There are people among you who have energy and in this training field we do not want to hear that one of you assaulted an instructor.”

Meanwhile, Eastern Equatoria State Governor Louis Lobong Lojore appreciated the trainees for choosing the police profession which he said was a good initiative.

“A thousand congratulations for the decision you have taken to serve the nation by working for the police. We are here to support you in serving the nation,” Lobong said. “The president always preaches that peace has to prevail after the signing of the 2018 revitalized peace agreement that ended the conflict and that South Sudanese will not fight again.”

“All people in uniform have to be trained, especially the police so that if a criminal commits an offense, it is you to apprehend them,” the governor added.