Bandits loot humanitarian convoy in Likuangole County 

A convoy of four trucks transporting relief food intended for feeding schoolchildren was robbed by armed assailants in the Greater Pibor Administrative Area’s (GPAA) Likuangole County on Friday.

GPAA Information Minister Oleyo Akwer Nyalus told Radio Tamazuj that the convoy left Pibor town early on Friday to deliver aid when it was ambushed.

“These trucks were carrying relief food, mainly sorghum and cooking oil, intended for school feeding programs but on the way at Kelangnya they were waylaid at 10 a.m. The attackers looted the trucks of unspecified amount of food items,” he stated. “Personal belongings like phones and money of the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) staff who were aboard the trucks were also looted.”

Minister Oleyo condemned the attack and said investigations were being carried out and that those involved would be arrested.

“The assailants are still at large but we will deploy security forces to hunt them in our bushes,” he vowed.